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DOT•PLUG Breakaway Wiring System for Roadway Lighting Systems
A Safer & More Economical Lighting System

Components of the DOTPLUG Breakaway Wiring System
The DOTPLUG breakaway system is composed of a  modular color-coded cable system consisting of rubber cords with integrally molded watertight submersible connectors, inline fuses, submersible surge arrester and breakaway connectors. The system provides power from the junction box to the luminaire. The cables extend from a junction box near the base of the pole to the luminarie(s) at the top of the pole. Pursuant to AASHTO Guidelines and other Passive Safety Standards, upon knockdown, the pole cable system electrically disconnects at the foundation, leaving no more that four inches (0.10 m) of wires, cables, or
connectors protruding from the electrical conduit. All fusing for electrical fixtures is located and protected
below grade. A pole cable system must be considered on all breakaway lighting systems and even may provide additional safety, maintenance, and economical benefits to non-breakaway lighting systems.


The Components of the  DOTPLUG
(Pole Cable Distribution System) :

Power Cable - This cable is a minimum of eleven (11) feet (3.35m) 14/3 SOWA cable with a fused male plug on one end and a orange (or black) female connector at the other end. The fused plug is molded in red and the female plug can be molded in orange or black. The fused plug contains two (2) 5 amp 600 volt fuses (13/32" x 1½") or equal. The fused plug provides a watertight submersible seal when mated to the Distribution Block. The female connector will pass easily through a standard size 1¼" PVC elbow.

Luminaire Cable - This cable (aka pole cable) is a variable length of 14/3 SOWA cable with a male plug molded in orange or black to match the orange or black end of the Power Cable. The connector requires a maximum of 25 pounds (110 N) of force to mate or disengage from the female end. When engaged, the connection is watertight and submersible. The cable strain relief extends approximately two (2) inches (50mm) from the connector. The length will be the length of the pole and support arm plus five (5) feet (1.5m).


The female plug from the power cable (on left) is fed to the base of the pole and connected to the male plug from the luminaire cable (on right).


Conductors & Splicing - the Pole Cable System is made with solderless split bolt connectors as manufactured by O.A., Burndy, Thomas and Betts or approved equal. The connector is sealed in re-enterable silicone based gel that easily peels away leaving a clean connection. The gel is contained in an enclosure that when snapped shut around the split bolt provides a submersible connection without the use of tools or taping. This enclosure is UV resistant, impact and abrasion resistant, and meet ANSI C119.1

Distribution Block - The red molded body contains a three (3) wire female outlet integrally molded to a two (2) foot (0.61m) length of three (3) separate #10 DLO cables with a 12 inch (0.3m) length of 10/2 SOWA cable terminating in a red female connector to match the red male Surge Arrester cable (where applicable). The block is watertight and submersible when the integrally fused plug on the power cable is engaged and fully seated. Dimensions are approximately 57mm x 95mm x 95mm due to limited space in the junction box. The Distribution Block and each connector are made of thermosetting synthetic polymer that is non-flame supporting.



Surge Arrester with Cable -
Provided with a 12 inch (0.3m) length of 10/2 SOWA cable with a male plug to match the connector on the distribution block with the other end integrally molded to the submersible surge arrester. The standard system can be provided with a surge arrester of 480 Volt Single Phase that is parallel connected and resets after each surge. The arrester have a current drain of <100 microamps and MCOV-330Vrms. The response time is 1 nanosecond and with a pulse life of 1000 10K amps impulses. Protection Modes L-L, L-G, N-G. Surge current of 50K amps per phase. Operating frequency of 0-400Hz. Category C Tested. The enclosure is waterproof and submersible. The arrester meets or exceeds 600 volt insulation requirements.

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